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Things That Caught My Attention, Volume 1

Very Little Gravitas

This is a DRM-free epub, PDF and .mobi edition.

45 of the best essays the first 50 episodes of Things That Caught My Attention, exploring technology, society, design, and being a person.

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Episodes 1-10

  • Introduction
  • Newsletters are the new... what?
  • Better Living Through Data
  • Any Sufficiently Advanced Economy
  • Wearables, Wearables, Wearables
  • Everything In Silos, Forever and Ever, Amen
  • Followers and Friends

Episodes 11-20

  • Introduction
  • Jean Michel Jarre Reckons How Much Your Innovation Is Worth
  • Oh, Attention
  • Learning to Code
  • Algorithmically Induced Sadness
  • The Job To Be Done
  • The Ethics Board
  • Not Trying Is A Signal
  • EasyHard
  • Presence

Episodes 21-30

  • Introduction
  • Infrastructure
  • Tango Down
  • Hyperland
  • Where Did All The Agents Go?
  • Brittle
  • The Scale of Things
  • Washing
  • From The Users Backward
  • The Real Computer Revolution
  • Only Connect
  • They Stole Our Revolution
  • Policy as Code, Continued

Episodes 31-40

  • Introduction
  • How The World Works
  • Advances in Quantification
  • BBC Heaven
  • Why You Shouldn't Embrace Surveillance
  • But What Is The User Need?
  • Universal Service Obligations

Episodes 41-50

  • Introduction
  • When You're Part Of A Team
  • Wearable Reckons
  • danah boyd
  • Facebook and Oculus Rift
  • Computers, AMIRITE?
  • Video is a content-type
  • You Can Blame The Tools
  • Mobile
  • Fantasy Acquisitions
  • Living In An Immaterial World
  • Cities
  • More Television
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Things That Caught My Attention, Volume 1, collecting the best essays from the first 50 episodes of the newsletter Things That Caught My Attention.

DRM-free epub, PDF and .mobi for Kindle sideloading

Things That Caught My Attention, Volume 1

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